● More than 5.300 kanjis, with detailed readings (On and Kun)
● Browse the kanjis in a customizable grid (groups, order, levels)
● Search and filter
Favorites list
● Usage frequency, JLPT and official Jōyō (常用漢字) / Jinmeiyō (人名用漢字)
● Strokes order - stroke by stroke decomposition
● Detailed information for each kanji (translation, readings, decomposition and usage examples)
● Readings in kana or rōmaji
Writing practice to master every kanji
● Both Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries, with writing practice to master every kana
● Writing progress for each kana
● Audo pronunciation of each kanji, kana or word
● General information about Japanese writing - strokes order and difficult characters

Optimized for iPad/tablets

 Kanji, Kana

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